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Shimano RD-TY300-7 Read Derailleur for 6-7-Speed Direct Mount.

Shimano RD-TY300-7 Read Derailleur for 6-7-Speed Direct Mount.

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The Shimano RD-TY300-7 Rear Derailleur is designed for 6-7-speed bicycles and features a direct mount configuration. It offers cyclists a smooth and reliable shifting performance, suitable for various riding conditions and terrains. The direct mount design simplifies the installation process while enhancing overall shifting system stability.

Utilizing Shimano's engineering expertise, the RD-TY300-7 ensures efficient gear changes and robust durability. Whether on climbs, descents, or flat roads, this rear derailleur enables quick and seamless shifting, helping riders find the optimal gear ratios to tackle different riding challenges.

Designed for 6-7-speed setups, this derailleur becomes a versatile choice suitable for urban commuting, leisure cycling, or long-distance touring. Its reliability and durability mean cyclists can enjoy smooth shifting experiences for extended periods without worrying excessively about maintenance or damage.

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