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Shimano DL-SL-RS35-7R REVOSHIFT Shifter for 7-Speed

Shimano DL-SL-RS35-7R REVOSHIFT Shifter for 7-Speed

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The Shimano DL-SL-RS35-7R REVOSHIFT Shifter is specifically designed for 7-speed bicycles, offering intuitive and easy gear shifting. This shifter is a part of Shimano's REVOSHIFT series, which is known for its user-friendly design and precise functionality.

Featuring a twist-shift mechanism, the DL-SL-RS35-7R allows riders to shift gears by simply twisting the grip, making gear changes smooth and effortless. This design is particularly convenient for riders of all levels, providing a straightforward way to transition between gears without having to move their hands away from the handlebars.

The DL-SL-RS35-7R shifter's ergonomic layout and durable construction ensure consistent performance and longevity. It's built to withstand the demands of various riding conditions, from leisurely rides to more intense cycling endeavors.

Whether you're navigating hilly terrains, cruising along flat paths, or tackling diverse road conditions, the Shimano DL-SL-RS35-7R REVOSHIFT Shifter empowers you with responsive and reliable gear changes. Its user-friendly design, compatibility with 7-speed setups, and robust build make it a dependable choice for enhancing your cycling experience.

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