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Micargi Bronco 3.0 29'' Stretch Beach Cruiser Bike

Micargi Bronco 3.0 29'' Stretch Beach Cruiser Bike

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Micargi Bronco 3.0 29'' Stretch Beach Cruiser Bike, a stylish and unique cruiser designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride on any beach or city streets. This bike offers a range of vibrant color options, including Baby Blue, Black, Light Purple, Orange, Purple, and Red, allowing you to choose a color that perfectly suits your personality and preferences.

Built with a Tracer Hi-ten steel Classical Chopper Cruiser Stretch Cruiser frame, the Micargi Bronco 3.0 29'' offers durability and stability, making it a reliable companion for your leisurely rides. The Tracer Triple Tree alloy Crowns fork further enhances the bike's control and handling, ensuring a steady and enjoyable cruise.

The handlebar is designed for maximum comfort and style, featuring a Micargi High Rise Steel Moon-Type handlebar that allows you to ride in an upright position with ease. The alloy 28.6mmx22.2mm Heavy Duty stem ensures the handlebar's secure attachment to the bike's frame.

For a smooth and cushioned seating experience, the bike is equipped with a vacuum elastic PVC leather saddle with high-density PU foam and springs. This combination provides excellent support and minimizes discomfort during longer rides.

The Micargi Bronco 26'' Stretch Beach Cruiser Bike features a reliable KT Coaster brake, offering easy and efficient stopping power. The absence of shifters, front derailleur, and rear derailleur contributes to the bike's simplicity and ease of use, making it perfect for riders who prefer a single-speed setup.

The alloy/steel crankset with a length of 170mm and a 44T teeth count ensures smooth pedaling and efficient power transfer. The bike's bottom bracket, a NECO Cartridge Steel with dimensions of 100x159.5mm, provides stability and durability for the crankset assembly.

Rolling on an alloy wide 80mm 29”36H13G spoke wheelset with KT Coaster hubs, the Micargi Bronco 3.0 29'd delivers a smooth and stable ride. The 29x3.0 black tires provide excellent traction and stability on various terrains, giving you the confidence to explore different paths.

While the bike doesn't come with fenders or additional accessories, it is a versatile cruiser that allows you to personalize and accessorize to your heart's content.

Experience the joy of cruising in style with the Micargi Bronco 26'' Stretch Beach Cruiser Bike. Whether you're gliding along sandy beaches or cruising through the city, this bike is designed to make your rides comfortable, enjoyable, and unforgettable.




COLORS option:Baby Blue. Black, Light Purple,Orange,Purple,Red

FRAME:Tracer Hi-ten steel Classical Chopper Cruiser Stretch Cruiser

FORK:Tracer Triple Tree alloy Crowns 28.6X25.4x222mm


HANDLEBAR:Micargi High Rise Steel Moon-Type  handlebar

STEM:alloy 28.6mmx22.2mm Heavy Duty

HEADSET Steel Diameter 1-1/8x30xH34mm

SEATPOST:Steel 28.6x200mm

SADDLE:vacuum elastic PVC leather+high density PU foam with springs

PEDALS:One-piece PP




BRAKE:KT Coaster



KMC S1 1/2”x1/8” Links: 174L

CRANKSET:Alloy/steel, Crank Arm Length: 170mm or 6.7”in Teeth Count: 44T


NECO Cartridge Steel 100x159.5mm

RIMS:Alloy Wide 80mm 29”*36H*13G Spoke wheelset

HUB:KT Coaster 3/8”x13Gx36H Front: 135x175mm Rear: 170x210mm

SPOKES:13 gauge steel

TIRES:Black, 29x3.0



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